Our advanced software makes KNL’s tactical HF radios exceptional

Intelligence, coordination, and strategic planning are critical factors in the army’s success. That requires radio communication systems that are reliable, secure, and easy to use.

We at KNL have developed a tactical wideband HF radio that meets today’s standards on the battlefield. By concentrating on the tactical radio software, we have significantly improved the performance and reliability of a tactical HF radio.

The technology behind KNL’s innovative communication system combines traditional HF terrestrial radio technology with its modern proprietary cognitive and software-defined technologies.

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Up-to-date tactical wideband HF radio for demanding field conditions

Communication often holds the keys to success. Modern-day conflicts present unique challenges, and armed forces need solutions that simplify the soldier’s task, especially in terms of communication. Ensuring your troops and allies can communicate while preventing enemies from intercepting or jamming those communications is crucial. While radio communications are vital for forces on the battlefield, they come with challenges that must be addressed to ensure effective and secure communication.

KNL’s cognitive tactical wideband HF radios combine user-friendliness, security, adaptability, and advanced software features, making them a top choice for defence and security forces around the globe.

The radio technology used by KNL is unrivalled. Based on our own experience in the field and through relentless innovation and research, we have refined the features and capabilities of our tactical wideband HF radios. Our state-of-the-art HF radios boast enhanced signal clarity, reduced interference, and optimised power efficiency. Additionally, sophisticated functionalities such as cognitive spectrum usage and cognitive networking link establishment are integrated, elevating the performance and reliability of our radios to new heights.

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Key Features of KNL’s Tactical Radios

  • Digital transceivers handle various media formats: KNL’s cognitive radios convert and process signals digitally, ensuring clarity and precision in communication. The equipment can be used to send images and text.
  • Spectrum optimisation for peak performance: our tactical HF radios intelligently analyse and select the best frequencies, guaranteeing optimal communication.
  • The visual interface supports easy and fast communication: our radios’ flexible and dynamic user interface can be adjusted based on user needs or updates. New operators can be mission-ready with just 1-2 days of training, and its software-defined nature allows for remote updates and configurations, minimising manual tweaks.
  • Expanded range and reliability: KNL’s Multihop technology offers an effective way to expand the range of tactical radios. By using intermediate nodes to relay signals, multihop allows communication over distances that exceed the direct transmission range of a single radio node.

Unmatched performance: the tactical HF radio every army should use

Our tactical radios provide the foundation for seamless coordination and situational awareness. With KNL’s cutting-edge technology, army units gain access to robust communication solutions that are highly dependable, adaptable to any terrain, and secure against potential threats.

Regarding military communication, you can trust in our expertise: our engineers have backgrounds in the military and defence sectors. They are security-checked to ensure the highest level of confidentiality. Read more about what customers say about our products.

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How does KNL’s tactical HF radios answer the needs of army operations?

1) Dependability in challenging environments

When faced with the complexities of remote or hostile environments, our HF radios rise to the occasion. KNL’s radios deliver exceptional long-range communication capabilities that surpass alternative infrastructure-dependent systems. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that army units stationed in isolated regions or deployed overseas can maintain uninterrupted communication, enabling seamless coordination and effective decision-making even in the most demanding operational scenarios.

2) Flexibility across diverse terrains

Our tactical HF radios demonstrate remarkable adaptability in the unpredictable terrains where military operations take place. From dense forests and rugged mountain ranges to arid deserts, our radios effortlessly guarantee precise and reliable communication.

3) Enhanced security and state-of-the-art encryption

In today’s complex threat landscape, data security is of utmost importance. Our tactical radios are designed with sophisticated encryption capabilities, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential and protected from unauthorised access. With our radios, military personnel can communicate with the assurance that their messages remain secure, preserving operational integrity.

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