Revolutionary Wideband HF Manpack Radio

KNL is redefining the HF market, allowing users to efficiently and automatically use the whole HF spectrum through cognitive sensing for voice and data. The CNHF Manpack radio receives over 4000 calling channels automatically at the same time, selects the best channel independently and establishes link in less than a second – and it does all of this without intervention of the radio operator.

Operational in SATCOM-denied environments, the CNHF Manpack excels with wideband HF communications capabilities up to 300 kbps, supporting a variety of media formats. Encrypted voice and data ensure no transmission is compromised, while the user-friendly design allows for full operational fluency with just one day of training. With standard interfaces the system integrates seamlessly with existing tactical communications and C2 systems and automatic multihop provides the best network coverage by avoiding skip zones.

The CNHF Manpack is a portable and mobile version of the mountable CNHF1 rack radio.

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Fully automatic cognitive system

Engineered for maximum security, resilience, and reliability, this system boasts the world’s most reliable HF communications using a Cognitive Networked HF Waveform that intelligently navigates real-time environmental variables without relying on radio channel predictions. With rapid Automatic Link Establishment in just 0.5 seconds, our CNHF Manpack radios are virtually impossible to intercept or jam.

  • Automatic spectrum management
  • Over 4000 calling channels listened simultaneously
  • Instant link establishment – in 0.5 seconds
  • GNSS independent

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Superior network coverage

The CNHF Manpack delivers robust network coverage with automatic multihop networking, eliminating skip zones and ensuring continuous connectivity. The system seamlessly integrates into tactical communications and C2 systems through standard interfaces, i.e. UDP/IP and XMPP. It supports wideband HF communications up to 300 kbps across diverse media formats without performance loss regardless of the number of network nodes.

  • Automatic multihop avoiding skip zones
  • Wideband data rate up to 300 kbps for various media formats
  • Seamless integration into C5ISR systems
  • Standard interfaces, i.e. UDP/IP, SMTP/IMAP, and XMPP

Unmatched reliability for beyond-line-of-sight communications

The CNHF Manpack offers unmatched reliability for BLOS communications. It’s a standalone solution in SATCOM-denied environments, remaining fully functional without GPS, using asynchronous links for continuous operations. Fully automated operations built in the radio means just a short one-day of training to get mission ready, and web-based user interface makes it operable with pc, tablet and mobile. Above all, it maintains strict security, encrypting all forms of communication, guaranteeing encrypted transmissions at every turn.

  • Standalone solution in SATCOM-denied environments
  • Very easy to use – only 1-day user training needed
  • Web-based UI – use with PC, tablet or mobile
  • AES256 military grade encryption for all transmissions

Product sheet

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Product sheet

CNHF Manpack has extremely fast link establishment – less than 500ms.

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CNHF Manpack key benefits:

Unparalleled reliability

  • Cognitive spectrum sensing: CNHF waveform dynamically finds available bandwidth based on real-time conditions, independent of radio channel predictions
  • Receives full spectrum all at once – over 4000 calling channels
  • Automatic Link Establishment and Re-Establishment – radio automatically scan for better link connections and establish/re-establish link

Extremely difficult to intercept or jam

  • Cognitive spectrum management
  • Automatic Link Establishment is much faster than with 3G/4G ALEs, down to 0.5 seconds
  • Built-in ECCM: Survives in congested and jammed environments with built-in ECCM resulting from the cognitive spectrum sensing and dynamic spectrum access.
  • Fully functional in GPS-denied environments with asynchronous link establishment and communication.

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Superior network and coverage

  • Automatic multihop provides extensive and reliable network coverage, avoiding skip zones
  • Seamless integration into tactical communications and C2 systems with standard interfaces (e.g. XMPP, UDP/IP)
  • Built-in 4G LTE
  • Unicast/multicast/broadcast
  • Unmatched wideband data rate up to 300 kbit/s, supporting various media formats (voice, email with attachments, instant messaging, file transfer, C2 data transfer, Blue Force Tracking).

Easy to use

  • Fully automatic cognitive system makes it easy to operate
  • Short 1-day training to get mission ready
  • Built-in antenna tuner
  • Intuitive web-based user interface, operable on computer, tablet and mobile

Ready for deployment

  • CNHF Waveform has reached Full Operational Capability (FOC)
  • MIL-STD-810H standard, verified by an independent third party
  • CNHF Manpack is in production
  • Operable from -40°C to +55°C

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  • AES256 Military grade encryption
  • All voice and data communications are encrypted

For extreme conditions – operational temperature -40 – +55 °C.

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Technical specifications:


PlatformSDR platform
Frequency rangeHF: 1.6 - 30 MHz, VHF 30 - 54 MHz
BandwidthUp to 48 kHz
TX Power HFHF: 25 W, VHF: 5 W (PEP)
RX SensitivityBetter than -125 dBm (Bandwidth: 1.875 kHz)


Dimension with handles105mm (H) x 210mm (W) x 305mm (D)
WeightUnder 5 kg without battery
Battery typeBB-2590/U
Battery chargerBuilt-in
DC input20-32V


AudioAnalogue handset
EthernetBuilt-in, 100 Mbit/s
USBUSB-C, power and data
GNSSCommercial. GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS, BEIDOU. Simultaneous tracking of multiple GNSS systems. Spoofing and jamming detection and reporting.
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HF Networking Features

Multihop mode
Automatic multihop functionality over one relaying node on HF, if direct connection is not available
Robust mode
Robust waveform for reliable communication over extremely poor radio channel conditions. Required also for interoperability with legacy HF radios.


Digital secure voice
Webmail client
Web-based instant messaging client
Option for additional features: Instant messaging voice messages and
Instant messaging file attachments.
XMPP interface
Enables use of external XMPP clients (for example JChat) or connection to external XMPP servers.
SMTP/IMAP interface
Analog SSB mode
Analog FM mode

Other waveforms (STANAG etc.) per request

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