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We have built our CNHF Manpack to serve a number of use cases, all while being simple, secure and reliable to operate. The CNHF Manpack is a portable and mobile version of the CNHF rack mountable radio. It utilises the same revolutionary, cognitive, adaptive CNHF waveform to provide superior performance and ease of use equivalent to the CNHF rack mountable version.

Time slot to send message to base station – only seconds

In the northern parts of globe, the land border is patrolled traditionally on foot or skis. Patrol duties lasts one or two weeks depending on situation and patrol team must leave as little tracks as possible from their location. Radios that go along the patrol are closed and used only when the message needs to be sent to base station. Therefore, messages to the base station must be sent in seconds. Long patrols in cold weather set requirements to the radio. The duration of the battery is a crucial aspect.

Radio needs to be

  • light to carry
  • long durability of the battery even in negative degrees Celsius
  • linking time needs to be in seconds when needed

CNHF Manpack has extremely fast link establishment – less than 500ms. As soon as message is sent, patrol can continue without the risk of being intercepted. Built using the latest SDR technology, the Manpack has very low power consumption which in turn maximises battery life. Manpack is designed for extreme conditions. When the temperature goes negative degrees Celsius the hardware around the battery keeps it warm and ready to use. In hot conditions the hardware cools the battery, which prevents its overheating. Being a true SDR platform, we assure our customers that new features and capabilities can be added as a software to their radio fleet.

The CNHF Manpack has a number of built-in features making it easy to integrate with customers’ existing systems. With built-in Ethernet, WLAN and an LTE modem, a variety of use cases can be fulfilled with maximum efficiency.

Manpack has extremely fast link establishment – less than 500ms.

Game-changing software defined radio

The CNHF Manpack is a software defined radio making remote configurations and updates possible. Our software CNHF Waveform has multiple game-changing features not currently found elsewhere:

  • cognitive spectrum usage
  • extremely fast GNSS independent ALE supporting over 2500 calling channels listened to simultaneously
  • wideband HF data up to 300 kbit/s
  • extremely robust modes are able to operate with less than -10 dB SNR.

The innovative multihop functionality ensures that a route from source to destination is always found. Lastly, as the CNHF Manpack also covers VHF up to 56 MHz, interoperability with legacy VHF FM radios can be achieved when required.

Product sheet

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Product sheet

For extreme conditions – operational temperature -40 – +55 °C

Technical specifications:


PlatformSDR platform
Frequency range HF1.5 - 30 MHz, VHF 30 - 56 MHz
BandwidthUp to 96 kHz
TX Power HF25 W (PEP)
RX SensitivityBetter than -125 dBm (Bandwidth: 1.875 kHz)


Size115 mm (H), 210 mm (W), 275 mm (L)
WeightUnder 5 kg without battery
Battery typeBB-2590/U
Battery chargerBuilt-in
DC input20-32V


AudioAnalogue handset
EthernetBuilt-in, 100 Mbit/s
USBUSB-C, power and data
GNSSCommercial. GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS, BEIDOU. Simultaneous tracking of multiple GNSS systems. Spoofing and jamming detection and reporting.
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HF Networking Features

Automatic multihop functionality over one relaying node on HF, if direct connection is not available
Robust mode
Robust waveform for reliable communication over extremely poor radio channel conditions. Required also for interoperability with legacy HF radios.


Digital secure voice
Location tracking
Map-centric location tracking service of network nodes including exact location, ground speed and heading.
Built-in webmail client
Built-in web-based chat client
Secure file transfer
Secure and automatic file transfer between remote nodes
XMPP interface
Enables use of external XMPP clients (for example JChat) or connection to external XMPP servers.
SMTP/IMAP interface

Other waveforms (STANAG etc.) per request

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