Radios are an integral part of critical communications

Critical communications are called critical for a reason. They are protocols, devices and systems that are essential for ensuring public safety, successful operations, and other situations where immediate and reliable communication is crucial.

We have harnessed our knowledge and capabilities to develop the best in CNHF radios, an integral part of critical communications.

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Reasons to include KNL’s radios as a part of your critical communication infrastructure

1. Reliability in all circumstances and weather conditions

Critical communication must be highly reliable in all circumstances. Even when other means of communications cannot be used due to lack of infrastructure or difficult weather conditions, CNHF radios will always be capable to get your message out and to the designated recipient.

KNL’s CNHF radio has a two-way beyond line-of-sight capability with range up to thousands of kilometres and can act both as an endpoint and a base station, demonstrating superior reliability and versatility.

2. Resilience that ensures the deliverability of your message

Since there is no room for failure in critical communications, the devices and systems must be highly resilient. It means that the hardware itself must be designed with emphasis on redundancies that meet the requirements of the environment.

At KNL, resilience and reliability are in the heart of all product design and engineering. In KNL’s CNHF radios it is also visible in the networking features, from multihop to robust mode.

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3. Security measures that match your mission critical standards

Security is an uncompromisable level of for any critical communication medium, including radio. KNL’s CNHF radios fit the role perfectly by featuring several safety features that when combined, form a dependable and secure communication channel.

In addition to security features including the multihop feature and a security layer that encrypts all communication data with the practically impenetrable AES256 encryption algorithm, propagating radio waves off the ionosphere is inherently a secure way of communication.

Satellite and cellular connections – despite being modern communication formats – are in fact rather vulnerable. Adversaries have developed their capabilities to damage and cripple link towers and even turn off satellites, something that a CNHF radio is completely safe from.

4. Interoperability and ease of use are emphasised in critical situations

In an emergency or any other situation demands swift, safe, and seamless communication between parties is essential, it is crucial that information can be transmitted to the relevant parties as swiftly as possible.

Underlining the importance of interoperability, KNL’s CNHF radios are equipped with services that can be used seamlessly with other devices within your organisation. They include:

  • Built-in webmail client
  • SMTP and IMAP interfaces
  • Built-in web-based chat client
  • XMPP interface
  • WebAPI for easy integration to radio management systems

KNL’s radios are also designed with ease of use and quick training in mind. Being software-defined, they are easily upgradable ensuring low life cycle costs. Radios have also intuitive interfaces and can be trained quickly.

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