Long-range communication for different domains

KNL offers beyond-line-of-sight communication solutions for the needs and requirements of modern military and security operations in different domains. With our system users are able to establish their own independent network ranging from a few kilometres to thousands of kilometres.

The KNL system enables the use of HF in the most demanding operations, where failure is not an option. Learn more how the CNHF radios can enhance and ensure your operations at sea, land and at critical situations.


Naval radio communication isn’t just about connectivity; it’s a fundamental component of safety, coordination, and efficiency at sea. Technological superiority and ease of use play an important role in naval communications. KNL’s HF radios are not only ultra-secure but also effortless to use.

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KNL has developed a tactical wide-band HF radio that meets today’s standards on the battlefield. By concentrating on the tactical radio software, we have significantly improved the performance and reliability of a tactical HF radio.

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Critical Communications

Radios are an integral part of critical communications. We have harnessed our knowledge and capabilities to develop the best in CNHF radios, to enhance and ensure your critical communication capabilities.

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With our radio system, the user can establish their own independent communication network ranging from a few kilometres to thousands of kilometres.

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