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Are you looking for durable and user-friendly naval communication radios? At KNL we are dedicated to empowering defence and security professionals with cognitive maritime HF radios that provide connectivity at all distances, uncompromised safety, and extremely fast link establishment.

ISO-9001-certified-KNLAQAP-2110-certified-KNLOur mission is to support you in ensuring safety and maintaining robust connectivity, no matter how far your missions take you. If you’re looking for reliable naval communications solutions, see what we got to offer.

Maritime HF Radios:
Ensuring Robust Communication for Naval Forces

Naval radio communication isn’t just about connectivity; it’s a fundamental component of safety, coordination, and efficiency at sea.

Technological superiority and ease of use play an important role in naval communications. Maritime HF radios can be utilised to facilitate communication between the ship and shore and ship to ship.

KNL’s Cognitive Networked HF Radios (CNHF) are suitable for all naval communications. CNHF radios sense and adapt to changes in the operating environment without the intervention of the user.

The benefits of KNL’s products for naval communications

  • KNL’s cognitive naval radios use innovative wideband HF multihop technology.
  • Multihop-enabled radios use other (multihop-enabled) radios to relay a radio signal. This streamlines communication over distances that used to be subjected to radio blackouts.
  • A CNHF radio can detect if the current frequency is being interfered with and switch to another frequency automatically. With our radios there is no need for a separate radio operator.
  • A software-defined radio makes remote configurations and updates possible – and easier than ever.
  • Third-party or national security applications can be integrated.

Cutting-edge maritime HF radios for naval communications

KNL’s cognitive radios re-define secure and easy naval radio communications.

Our CNHF solutions receive the whole HF spectrum at once. A CNHF radio is capable of spectrum estimation and optimising its own operation according to the signal environment and traffic at hand.

In many maritime HF radio systems, the connection’s reliability is typically poor, and it can deteriorate further in the presence of interferences or disruptions. Setting up such networks also demands extensive preliminary preparations both on ships and shore.

With KNL’s technology, new base stations can be added without needing to reconfigure the equipment on ships. Additionally, ships can serve as mobile base stations for the network, enhancing the reliability and endurance of naval communications during operations.

Compared to other maritime HF radios KNL’s products are ultra-secure and effortless to use. Our multihop technology is the easiest way to expand your range and guarantee the success of your operation.

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Cybersecurity threats raise the need for advanced technology in Maritime & Naval Communications

As naval communications become digitalised, cybersecurity is a growing concern. Ships must employ measures to protect their communication systems from potential cyber threats.

In response, we’ve put cybersecurity at the core of our business. KNL’s products are secured in all levels: the device itself is locked down, data is transmitted using the AES256 encryption algorithm and TLS / HTTPS encryption, and the network is protected against attacks.

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Our products

Your Specialist in Maritime HF Radios and Naval Communications

We at KNL are dedicated to strengthening your naval communications through cutting-edge radio technology, one mission at a time.

The digitalisation of maritime and naval communications requires investments. It is also why we strive to reduce communication costs for the maritime sector through transformative collaborations.

No matter where you are, you can trust our solutions in naval communication.

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