Finnish Defence Forces

The Finnish Defence Forces has purchased the cognitive wideband CNHF system from KNL. The CNHF system enables more reliable, secure and capable long-distance communication for Finnish Defence Forces use cases.

“High level of adaptivity, data transfer performance, integration possibilities and agile software development are the main features that we value in CNHF radio.”

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Swedish Defence Material Administration

FMV (Försvarets materielverk) is the Swedish Defence Material Administration, an authority under the Ministry of Defence. FMV delivers materials and services to the Swedish Armed Forces.

FMV has now acquired a cutting-edge CNHF system from KNL for test and evaluation purposes.

The CNHF system has also been successfully used by the Finnish Defence Forces for several years.

More reliable communications

We keep you connected. Whether you’re in hottest desert or in coldest wilderness we provide you long-range connectivity keeping you in action.

Navy operations of today require situational awareness and reliable communications to be able to communicate with other vessels, fleets and on-shore installations – furthermore, modern Command, Control, Communications, Computers, & Intelligence (C4I) systems or even advanced counter command, control, communications, computers, cyber, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting (C5ISR&T) capabilities requires a reliable and secure communication link to handle the exchange of data between systems and other units and operators.

KNL radio to optimise the transmission, we use multi-hopping for the system and ensure transmitting 24/7.

More secure communications

All our products have AES256 encryption as standard. Additional encryption can be added if needed. KNL radios are safe from hacked or jammed by enemies.

Capable long-distance communication

KNL radios has greatly improved the speed and reliability of HF for data communications, giving each radio a two-way connection range of up to 10,000 kilometres.

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Customer experiences

”We haven’t seen this superior HF system performance ever before.”

”One of KNL’s advantages with its’ system is that it’s a complete solution in one box.”

”As a true software-defined radio the KNL platform offers a future-proof solution for continuous development work according to the customer needs.”

”KNL enables tactical use of HF in a completely new way.”

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