Finnish Navy

”The Finnish Navy has three statutory tasks related to the military defence of Finland: the surveillance of our territorial waters, repelling of territorial violations and maritime attacks, and protecting sea lines of communication. The Finnish Navy provides surveillance of Finland’s territorial waters 24/7/365.”
– Finnish Defence Forces


The Finnish Navy has purchased the cognitive wideband CNHF system from KNL

The KNL system enables more reliable, secure and capable long- distance communication for Finnish Navy use cases.

More reliable communications

We keep you connected. Whether you’re in hottest desert or in coldest wilderness we provide you long-range connectivity keeping you in action.

Navy operations of today require situational awareness and reliable communications to be able to communicate with other vessels, fleets and on-shore installations – furthermore, modern Command, Control, Communications, Computers, & Intelligence (C4I) systems or even advanced counter command, control, communications, computers, cyber, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting (C5ISR&T) capabilities requires a reliable and secure communication link to handle the exchange of data between systems and other units and operators.

KNL radio to optimise the transmission, we use multi-hopping for the system and ensure transmitting 24/7.

More secure communications

All our products have AES256 encryption as standard. Additional encryption can be added if needed. KNL radios are safe from hacked or jammed by enemies.

Capable long-distance communication

KNL radios has greatly improved the speed and reliability of HF for data communications, giving each radio a two-way connection range of up to 10,000 kilometres.

Customer experiences

”We haven’t seen this superior HF system performance ever before.”

”One of KNL’s advantages with its’ system is that it’s a complete solution in one box.”

”As a true software-defined radio the KNL platform offers a future-proof solution for continuous development work according to the customer needs.”

”KNL enables tactical use of HF in a completely new way.”