The CNHF1 radio

The original KNL radio is rack mountable and requires an included HF antenna (powered by a transformer), a cellular antenna, and a GPS antenna for location tracking. We’ve built our radio to serve a number of use cases, all while being simple, secure, and reliable to operate.

Software defined radio

The CNHF1 is a software defined radio, which makes remote configurations and updates possible. Our software CNHF waveform has cutting-edge features such as cognitive spectrum usage and wide Band ALE with thousands of simultaneously listened calling channels.

HF for Data Communications

Our R&D has greatly improved the speed and reliability of HF for data communications, giving each radio a two-way connection range of up to 10,000 kilometres.

Global access

Each radio can act both as a base station (when in cellular range), and as an endpoint (when out at sea). The result is unmatched reliability and global access.


Technical specs

  • Purpose-built wideband SDR HF radio with an emphasis on cognitive features
  • Receives the whole HF band simultaneously
  • Bandwidths 1.9 – 48 kHz (Modulations: BPSK – 256QAM, data rates up to 153 kbit/s)
  • Wide Band ALE with thousands of simultaneously listened calling channels
  • Cognitive spectrum usage
  • Built-in PA w/ max 250 W PEP
  • Built-in GNSS, 2xEthernet, 3G Cellular modem
  • Type certified product
  • Rack-mountable

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Technical specifications:


Frequency range1.5 - 30 MHz
Bandwidth1.9 – 48 kHz
ModulationsBPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, 16/32/64/128/256 QAM
SensitivityMore than -125 dBm
Dynamic range140 dB
Transmitting power250W PEP (Peak Envelope Power)


Key managementBy user via UI
Secure key importYes


Ethernet2 x 100 Mbps
Operating temperature range-20 – 55 °C
Supply voltageAC: 100-240 VAC ±10%, 8.9A, 50-60Hz, 600W. DC: 12-30 VDC ±5%, 50A, 600W
IP ClassIP 21
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HF Networking Features

Multihop mode
Automatic multihop functionality over one relaying node on HF, if direct connection is not available
Robust mode
Robust data transmission capability for severely disturbed poor HF channels. Required also for interoperability with legacy HF radios.


Digital secure voice
Webmail client
Web-based instant messaging client
Option for additional features: Instant messaging voice messages and
Instant messaging file attachments.
XMPP interface
Enables use of external XMPP clients (for example JChat) or connection to external XMPP servers.
SMTP/IMAP interface
Analog SSB mode

Other waveforms (STANAG etc.) per request

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