Long-range connectivity with unparalleled performance

CNHF1 radio is the start of the new era of HF radios. The original CNHF system is an example of resilience and reliability in beyond-line-of-sight communications. It’s designed to receive the full HF spectrum all at once, listening to over 2500 calling channels at the same time. The cognitive features of the radio allows it to select the best channel independently and establish a link in less than a second – all without any input from the radio operator!

The CNHF1 excels in maintaining robust connections in the most challenging environments, ensuring consistent transmission of various media types with wideband data rate up to 153 kbps. It’s a standalone solution for SATCOM-denied environments, but with standard interfaces it can be easily integrated with other systems and networks. Automatic multihop functionality eliminates skip zones and ensure continuous connectivity.

Robust communications with unmatched reliability

The CNHF1 radio is a cognitive and fully automatic system, making it highly adaptive and reliable even in disruptive environments. The radio builds its own understanding of the spectrum and propagation in real time, selecting the best channel automatically. The CNHF system persistently pushes the message through by changing frequencies until it finds an interference-free channel. Data packets are repeated as long as necessary until they have gone through. The CNHF1 radio’s transmitting power is 250W PEP, which is useful in highly disruptive environments, such as on a ship.

  • Automatic spectrum management
  • Over 2500 calling channels listened simultaneously
  • Instant link establishment – in 0.5 seconds
  • GNSS independent
  • Transmitting power 250W PEP

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Superior network coverage

The CNHF1 allows user to establish their own independent communications network ranging up to 10,000 kilometres with wideband HF communications up to 153 kbps across diverse media formats. Automatic multihop functionality provides robust network coverage, ensuring continuous connectivity by eliminating skip zones. With standard interfaces (i.e. UPD/IP and XMPP) the system can also be easily integrated into tactical communications and C2 systems.

  • Automatic Multihop avoiding skip zones
  • Wideband data rate up to 153 kbit/s for various media formats
  • Seamless integration into C5ISR systems
  • Standard interfaces, i.e. UDP/IP, SMTP/IMAP, and XMPP

Innovative communications systems

Ultra-secure software-defined radio

Unstable connections are a risk to high security. CNHF1 radio itself is utmost secure, encrypting all forms of communication and guaranteeing encrypted transmissions at every turn. The system’s ability to sense and adapt to its environment along with fast Automatic Link Establishment in just 0.5 seconds makes the radio virtually impossible to intercept or jam. Software-defined radio (SDR) architecture makes remote configurations and updates possible, protecting the system from cyber and EW threats. While the CNHF1 is ultra-secure, it’s also very easy to use. Like all KNL products, the CNHF1 is controlled via web-based user interface from any device (PC, tablet, mobile). The intuitive Web-UI supports features like email, instant and voice messaging, ensuring seamless use and consistent performance across KNL products.

  • Standalone solution in SATCOM-denied environments
  • Secure communications in congested and jammed environments
  • Intuitive Web-UI (supporting i.e. digital secure voice, email, instant and voice messaging)
  • AES256 military grade encryption for all transmissions

Software-defined radios

Product sheet

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Product sheet


“High level of adaptivity, data transfer performance, integration possibilities and agile software development are the main features that we value in CNHF radio.”

– Finnish Defence Forces

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Technical specs

  • Purpose-built wideband SDR HF radio with an emphasis on cognitive features
  • Receives the whole HF band simultaneously
  • Bandwidths 1.9 – 48 kHz (Modulations: BPSK – 256QAM, data rates up to 153 kbit/s)
  • Wideband ALE with thousands of simultaneously listened calling channels
  • Cognitive spectrum usage
  • Built-in PA with max 250W PEP
  • Built-in GNSS, 2xEthernet, 3G Cellular modem
  • Type certified product
  • Rack-mountable

Technical specifications:


Frequency range1.5 - 30 MHz
Bandwidth1.9 – 48 kHz
ModulationsBPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, 16/32/64/128/256 QAM
SensitivityMore than -125 dBm
Dynamic range140 dB
Transmitting power250W PEP (Peak Envelope Power)


Key managementBy user via UI
Secure key importYes


Ethernet2 x 100 Mbps
Operating temperature range-20 – 55 °C
Supply voltageAC: 100-240 VAC ±10%, 8.9A, 50-60Hz, 600W. DC: 12-30 VDC ±5%, 50A, 600W
IP ClassIP 21
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HF Networking Features

Multihop mode
Automatic multihop functionality over one relaying node on HF, if direct connection is not available
Robust mode
Robust data transmission capability for severely disturbed poor HF channels. Required also for interoperability with legacy HF radios.


Digital secure voice
Webmail client
Web-based instant messaging client
Option for additional features: Instant messaging voice messages and
Instant messaging file attachments.
XMPP interface
Enables use of external XMPP clients (for example JChat) or connection to external XMPP servers.
SMTP/IMAP interface
Analog SSB mode

Other waveforms (STANAG etc.) per request

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