Reliable Communications Channel (+Collect)

This is a true story: a ship was sailing across an ocean when their main communications channel failed. They were hundreds of miles from any kind of land mass, in a place where they are completely cut off from the rest of the world if their communication options fail. Getting closer to port even increases the need for reliable communication because they need to communicate with the port personnel about their arrival. Luckily, they had the KNL system as backup.

Rely that your communication channels are not completely cut off

This story is not just from one vessel, but from several that have decided to take on the KNL system. In some of these stories the main communication channel fails because of a technical failure. In other cases, the vessels sail in areas where the main systems are known to not work. Whatever the cause, we love hearing from our customers how much it has meant to them that our system was there to ensure that they were not completely cut off.

In addition to regular communication the backup channel can be extremely useful in getting the main channel back into use sooner. The vessel crew can communicate what has gone wrong and the shore side can help them figure out ways to fix the situation. Also, it is easier to prepare for fixing the fault before the vessel arrives to port when the problem is known. This saves some valuable time.

Capabilities at sea, land and at critical situations

Our COLLECT service helps you notice and fix communication issues in time

Sometimes the critical communication channel problems cannot be noticed by the crew but can be identified from data gathered from various sensors monitoring the vessel’s status. For this use we offer not only a secure and reliable channel for data transfer, but also a system for gathering and preprocessing the data. Our COLLECT service can gather data from multiple sources and processes it to deliver you the data you need. Combined with the KNL radio the data can be delivered to you over HF channel from anywhere in the world. This way you can notice many things before they even become apparent and cause actual problems. That makes it possible to also fix them in time, again saving both time and money, not to mention how much it can mean to a crew that the problems are fixed before they become harsh reality to them.

Reliable communications and crucial data from the open sea at the right time is extremely important for naval communication, but also in numerous other contexts. The KNL system can be also used as a tactical radio on land wherever there is a need for a reliable, secure channel for communication or data transfer.

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