Meaning of Cognitive Networked Radio

The Cognitive Networked HF Radio (CNHF) senses its operating environment without the intervention of the user and can adapt to the user’s communications needs. A CNHF Radio can intelligently detect whether any portion of the spectrum is in use and can temporarily use it without interfering with the transmissions of other users.

The KNL network is capable of operating independently from other networks and infrastructure. Thus with built-in cellular and LAN network, advanced configurations can be established. Our CNHF solutions receive the whole HF spectrum at once and have extremely fast link establishment (less than 500ms).

CNHF Manpack

The CNHF Manpack is a portable version of CNHF1 radio, utilising the same revolutionary, cognitive and adaptive CNHF waveform for superior performance.

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CNHF1 Radio

The original KNL CNHF radio is built to serve a number of use cases, all while being simple, secure, and reliable to operate.

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CNHF Evolve

CNHF Evolve is a turn-key solution to enhance your existing HF and VHF radios performance and make radios from different vendors interoperable between each other.

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CNHF User Interface is intuitive and easy to use, and it has diverse media support. The web-based UI doesn’t need any special software and it works also on mobile and tablet.

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Long-range communications with the highest performance, security and reliability

For governments, defence and security, CNHF offers long-range communications with the highest performance, security and reliability. With our radio system, the user can establish their own independent communication network ranging from a few kilometres to thousands of kilometres.

Physical layer adapts to existing
conditions and provides data rates up to
300kbit/s over the HF radio link


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