Why KNL’s radios are the ultimate choice?

KNL is on a mission to provide cutting-edge radio technology that continues to work when other solutions have reached their limit. Not only that, but the equipment is so simple to operate that practically immediate response can be provided even if there is very little time to train new radio operators. Continue to find out why KNL’s radios set the new standard for professional radio communications in all circumstances.

Bid long training times farewell with KNL’s radios

With KNL’s software-built radios, new operators can be deployed to a mission after just 1-2 days of training – a training period so short, that it was previously considered nearly impossible.

If a standard operator’s career spans between one or two years, it means that there is a constant flow of operators moving out of your organisation and new ones that must be trained. It led to many organisations having had to abandon HF radios – an otherwise excellent mean for communication.

Being capable to rapidly deploy operators to either a mission or an affected area is crucial. Quickly developing defence scenarios and natural disasters are examples of situations that used to be highly problematic. The training time for HF radio operators used to be 1-2 weeks and in that time the situation could have already changed completely.

Responding to that fundamental issue, the easy-to-use KNL radios are an entirely new way to provide an extremely fast response when it is needed the most.

Critical communication during natural disasters

KNL radios in a nutshell – why are they so effortless to use?

  • Software defined: KNL radios’ interfaces are exactly what you would expect from any state-of-the-art digital device. Intuitive user interfaces and diverse media support make an operator’s work easy and efficient.
  • Cognitive: When it comes to security, compromises cannot be made. A cognitive radio is capable of automatically changing frequencies to a clear one, without the operator’s interference.
  • Turn on and off -approach: In addition to their superior performance, our radios have been designed with ultimate ease of use in mind even in the harshest conditions. On the ground, it is the combination of these two dimensions that ultimately matters.

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Quickly changing global dynamics call for exceptional performance

KNL’s radios remain functional even in extreme weather temperatures. They can be operated on a range from -40°C to +55°C. One might ask, is this necessary?

When you need performance that you can trust no matter where in the world you are, the answer is yes. For example, in parts of the Middle East, where various operations continuously take place, temperatures regularly reach +50°C. Furthermore, with the global climate becoming hotter each year, communications equipment is being put under greater stress than ever.

However, to truly maintain an operative competitive advantage, all most challenging frontiers must be considered – not just the relentlessly hot areas. When designing the ultimate radio, immensely cold places such as Greenland and the Arctic must also be considered. From research teams to patrol groups, communication capabilities must be maintained in absolutely all circumstances.

The secret to the exceptional performance? Design innovation. The architecture allows its own hardware to keep the battery warm and thus extending its life in freezing conditions. When the outside temperature gets too hot and threatens to overheat the entire system, the hardware can be used to cool it down.

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Bringing ease and security to command and control operations

KNL’s cognitive radios re-define secure and easy radio communications, combining strong encryption with industry-first native cognitive features.

”Easy” and ”secure” used to be two words that could not be used in the same sentence when it came to defence and combat communications. Security meant using HF radios, which were notoriously difficult to operate and only secure when used by skilled operators, who could detect and divert the signal from a compromised frequency.

The importance of easy and uncompromisable security is underlined by recent events that have shown vulnerabilities in third-party connections, such as satellites. Hostile actors are becoming increasingly skilled and are known to be capable of simply shutting down satellites, ringing alarm bells everywhere and stressing the need for a new solution.

That is what KNL’s cutting-edge cognitive radio is all about. When various command and control operations call for an instant and continuous understanding of an operational situation, the most secure bet is to avoid third-party communications altogether, such as satellites and 4G radios.

KNL’s proprietary technology can make a high frequency connection ultra-secure: when it encounters interference or recognises that it is being jammed, it immediately finds a safe alternative. Combined with AES-256 grade encryption, we are confident when we say that this is exactly what effortless security should look like.

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Ease of use and peace of mind with KNL

KNL is dedicated to building exceptional radio solutions that are so easy to operate, they can be virtually used by anyone, while still adhering to the strictest safety standards and operational requirements. We know that you can trust our solutions, no matter where you are.

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