Interfaces matter – Introducing the only XMPP-enabled radio in the World

When choosing a radio for defence needs, the applications and services of a radio are often given little consideration. However, in a real-world scenario tactical information comes in various formats and being able to transmit and read that information might be crucial for the success of a mission. Maintaining this as a core development philosophy, KNL has launched the first XMPP-enabled HF Manpack radio in the World.

XMPP enables swift and versatile communications on the field

Our CNHF Manpack radios are now XMPP-ready by standard. XMPP is an open communication protocol that creates completely new venues for communications when applied to radio systems. File transfer, easy integration to other XMPP-enabled systems and the NATO-developed Joint Tactical Chat (JChat) are all unique features that our radios are now capable of delivering.

While the ability to support individual applications – such as the JChat – is a tremendous advantage over existing HF manpack radios, the true power of native XMPP support in a HF manpack radio is realised when it is attached to a larger communications structure with an XMPP server in it.

Regardless of the conditions or circumstances, adapting XMPP to your existing communications infrastructure improves it in numerous ways

If you rely on managing your people on the ground only with voice commands, you are not leveraging the best possible communication practices. In many cases the most useful tactical data consists of images, map data and text – that is where using the XMPP protocol over HF radio network becomes an indispensable advantage.

The manpack allows communication between users, to share data and location information with each other in an otherwise constrained and slow network, which many find themselves using, especially during defence missions.

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Stellar integration capabilities and cross-network functionality ensures the success of your operations

In addition to the wealth of information that XMPP allows you to transmit over HF frequencies, its high level of standardisation makes building and expanding communications infrastructures straightforward: its client-server protocol allows the easy integration of any other XMPP-enabled systems, such as C2 systems back at the headquarters.

In short, the XMPP protocol is versatile, secure and works even in slower networks, such as HF. You can also bid farewell to compatibility issues, as the protocol’s standardisation offers complete functionality across multiple networks such as mobile and satellite networks in addition to HF. We have harnessed our knowledge and capabilities to develop the best in CNHF radios, to enhance and ensure your critical communication capabilities.

KNL’s unique hardware brings unlimited expansion opportunities

Our approach to engineering and manufacturing radio equipment allows us to tailor it to meet our customers’ exact needs by simply adding software that enables the requested features.

This can only be achieved by our approach to hardware architecture that we have been committed to from the beginning: a platform’s physical properties should not limit future features. That makes us the Swiss Army Knife of tactical radios, where tools can be added and removed effortlessly by carrying out software updates. As a true software defined radio, the CNHF Manpack can be maintained effectively through its life cycle, and at the same time new features and performance improvements can be fielded.

This approach undoes the age-old issue of hardware manufacturing that is especially present in the field of radio equipment manufacturing. It is easy to get caught in a loop of adding new features to the physical hardware stack as new technologies, protocols and needs emerge. Not only is this expensive, but it also creates a burden on end users. Adding new hardware to radio systems is resource-consuming and might introduce a host of issues that comes with modifying physical systems.

Upgrade your organisation’s radio equipment to a new standard that puts you a decade ahead of competition with KNL’s radio equipment!

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Safety and security – non-negotiable standards at KNL

In many cases, security and encryption are not built-in features in radios. We believe that the utmost security should be a standard, which is also the reason why our equipment – including the CNHF Manpacks – are literally built in with the latest security layers and you never have to pay extra to keep your information safe.

In addition to protect your information – an indispensable addition in the era of information warfare – all traffic, including linking, addresses and headers, is encrypted with best-in-class AES-256 encryption. Furthermore, our radios are impossible to operate with tampered and thus possibly dangerous software. The radios will only function with operating systems signed by KNL, which eliminates the risk of hazardous backdoors that might be used to obtain tactical mission data.

The importance of information security is underlined by events occurring across the globe every day. At KNL, we believe in safety by design. It means that when our customers use our solutions, they can rest assured that the strictest safety measures are already implemented into the equipment.

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