Finnish Defence Forces and KNL continue software development work

The Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) and KNL have been successfully developing the CNHF1 system for several years. Consistent development continues with FDF’s software update order from KNL.

KNL has continuously developed new features to meet the needs of FDF. For the various needs of the defence industry, the CNHF1 system provides fast and independent connections and data transfer over thousands of kilometres. CNHF1 has a flexible software that enables continuous development and updates. Software-defined radio enables that the system is always up-to-date and is a future-proof solution for the years to come.

From the beginning, KNL has taken care of the maintenance and support of the radio software in cooperation with FDF. The upcoming software updates will further improve system security and performance. “Maintenance and services of the radio system are an important part of the long life cycle of the CNHF1 system”, says Matti Raustia, Head of Defence Business of KNL. “Collaboration with FDF has been beneficial for both parties. We have received feedback from the users and can react to any identified needs leading to an ever better CNHF1 system”, Matti sums.

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Matti Raustia
Head of Defence Business, KNL

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