Beyond-line-of-sight communications for the defence and security business gets new operator

In December 2020, Telenor Maritime acquired KNL Networks, a Finnish technology company that specialises in maritime digitalisation and secure HF radio communications. Following strong market demand for its cognitive HF Radio (CNHF) products in the global defence market, Telenor Maritime and KNL Networks have decided to dedicate a business unit solely to growing the defence and security connectivity business, serving customers worldwide. This business will operate under the KNL brand name starting on February 3 and will be led by CEO Toni Lindén.

Beyond-line-of-sight communications arrangement

This arrangement allows KNL to focus on developing world-leading digital HF radio communication solutions and expanding within the defence and security business on a global scale. Telenor Maritime, on the other hand, will continue to focus on maritime connectivity and digitalisation. Read more about our products and get connected

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