Software engineer Jussi is one of our employees with versatile and interesting background before entering KNL. Jussi´s story is a great example that sometimes hobby can end up a career.

“After the army, I lived in Finnish capital region and did some storage and construction work.” When Jussi noticed an announcement about bus driver training, he applied and got in. “I drove a bus for a year but it didn´t feel my thing. So, I applied in Police Academy and railroad engineer training”, he sums up. Jussi got in both places and he decided to start his career in railways. Jussi worked as a railroad engineer for ten years.

It´s never too late to learn new

Jussi found computers exciting already since he was little. When he grew up, he started to do his own games and software projects. “My dad´s good old Amstrad was in heavy use in my childhood. Computers and coding have always been part of my life even though I did other jobs”, Jussi says. After 10 years in railways, he started to think if he could really do coding for living.

“I started to study Data engineering in University of Applied Sciences. On the second year of the studies, we needed to find a company to complete internship. At first, I started in KNL as a consult from IT consulting company and after a year KNL hired me.”

Jussi is developing KNL´s radio cognitive engine. “KNL´s history and whole code systems makes this interesting place to work. I value fair employer and that I feel appreciated. Whole company is approachable. When I entered as a junior level in this company, I still got a lot of responsibility”, Jussi tells.

He´s happy that he decided to follow his passion for software engineering. “If you really feel fire for something it´s never too late to start studies!”

Renovating and studying

Family life, old house and summer cottage are keeping Jussi busy at free time. “At night, I also finalize my data engineering studies so I don´t have any boring moments”, Jussi laughs. Fun fact! Jussi was active skateboarder when he was younger. He used to skate 24/7.

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