One of our offices pioneers is Aatu. He is working in KNL as SW Engineer. “I studied telecommunications and software engineering in University and worked few years in mobile business before I started in KNL in 2013”, Aatu summarizes.

From junior to senior

At first, Aatu started working with our CNHF radio software. “Everyone who has worked in a startup company knows that in the beginning you get a lot of responsibility but also a lot of freedom. We developers really need to put an effort to plan our product into practice.”

Nowadays Aatu is doing software development and software architecture. “I´ve been a technical lead in some of our software projects meaning that I´m in charge of software development in detail level, and responsible of the software architecture in the big picture.” For the past few years, Aatu has taken few junior SW Engineers under his wings. Supporting new employees, continuous improvement and self-development are important things at KNL.

Work that matters

“At KNL the experts are highly trusted. You get responsibility to make your own solutions and decisions. In our rather small team, everyone has their own role, and that makes work more and more significant” Aatu tells and continues “I like to see that our products are actually in use by customers. I can see the results of my work in action and that encourages to continue.”

Bug bounty hunter at nights

When you can´t find Aatu from our office, he´s probably at home hacking. Legally. “Few years ago, I started hacking for fun on my free time. This is actually called bug bounty hunting.” Aatu finds customers through bug bounty platforms and tries to find vulnerabilities on their websites. If you manage to find some bugs, you can earn some money for reward. “Actually, one of the known companies that I´ve found vulnerabilities is Tesla.” Aatu is also active jogger and cross-country skier in winters.

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